People will go crazy over the tasty recipes vegetarian. You won’t be able to resist eating these delicious recipes. The best part is these pies are delicious and your vegetarian friends can enjoy the puff pastry recipes savoury vegetarian. And they are also the best way to make people who don’t like vegetables to get them eating some. Don’t worry they will surely come back for me. Here are a few ideas for you to try for your upcoming parties.

Quiche made with Spinach, leek and goat’s cheese

This is a great vegetarian lunch recipe. You can easily prepare this pastry using spinach, leek and goat cheese. The spinach is high in magnesium and iron and goat cheese provides you calcium, copper and phosphorus that are important for bone health. So what better way than this for lunch than this easy vegetarian pastry recipe.

Curried potato and pea pie

This pie is made using many vegetables and mainly everyone’s favourite peas and potatoes. This is a perfect vegetarian pastry recipe that is high in fibre and tasty too.

Yummy Samosas with peas, pumpkin and potatoes.

These vegetable samosas are perfect for your party. They will attract a demanding crowd as they devour your samosas. This is also a healthy option for snacks and a great way to entertain your diet-conscious friends.

A roasted vegetable tart with olive oil pastry

Olive oil benefits are known to everyone. And when you use it with vegetables, there is no better healthier option. Get your roasted colourful vegetable tart ready with the olive oil pastry.

Ratatouille pies

If you want to go the main course with your puff pastry recipes savoury vegetarian, get your hands on the Ratatouille pies. These pies are made with various colourful vegetables and are attractive to everyone.

Curried vegetable pot pies

You can have enough of the vegetables as you turn them into a curry and top them up with flaky pastry.

Budget-friendly meal?

If you want to try a budget-friendly meal with friends for a weeknight, try this vegetarian tart made with Beetroot, pumpkin and goat’s cheese.

With so many vegetables available, there are so many tasty puff pastry recipes savoury vegetarian to enjoy. You may also enjoy a pot pie made with curried vegetables, spiced sweet potato pie, pumpkin-spinach & ricotta pie, and also try Sweet potato & Onion Wellington. If you love eggs, you may add them to make your diet rich in protein. And of course, you can get creative by adding your favorite vegetables to the tarts and name them as you want.

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